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Creating an exciting story of appetizing flavors

Let’s start at the beginning. It’s two stories that will meet. One South Indian and one Swedish through the three owners. Rajesh from Kovalam, Kerala and Leo and Anders from Sweden.


Rajesh comes from a family with a long restaurant history. Back in 1977, Rajesh’s grandparents started a restaurant in Kovalam. The first one on the beach and which was given the name Velvet Dawn. It sounded good and quickly became popular with the young tourists who had found their way to Kovalam. In retrospect, it should have been called Sunset, to describe the beautiful sunsets that Kovalam has. The menu of course included fish and seafood. And much more. Cooked in Kerala style. Rajesh’s grandmother quickly became an important person in the lives of many. Serving food and a place to gather. A place with many friends. Friendship that lasted her whole life. Friendship that Rajesh became a part of. He quickly learned the importance of creating relationships and of serving good food. His grandparents’ restaurant became an important part of his life and influenced his later professional life. A dream of having your own restaurant. In 2015, his dream came true and he opened A Beach Café, ABC. Pretty much exactly where Velvet Dawn had been.

Leo and Anders first came to India 15 years ago and after a trip from Mumbai, via Goa, they ended up in Kovalam. This little piece of India with a lot of charm and proximity to Indian everyday life that many tourists miss.

It can be said that it was love at first sight. For several years they went on winter trips to Kerala and with Kovalam as the obvious base. Both have their professional base in social work, with a huge interest in food and baking. Kerala offered many tasty flavors that broadened their culinary repertoire. In Sweden, they had also run a café with food and with exciting pastries.

Sometimes the gods smile and allow encounters to take place that can change lives. When Rajesh had opened his restaurant ABC, it became an obvious place for Leo and Anders to come to. Rajesh had the best coffee in Kovalam, which is so important for Swedes. He had cheesecakes and good salads. All perfect. In addition, they thrived together.


So when Rajesh asked in 2017 if Leo and Anders could become partners, it only took one night to answer. Obviously yes. They saw the potential and together they were able to create something different. ABC quickly became a popular restaurant. Just like his grandparents’ once was. A meeting place for people and with good food and always freshly brewed coffee.

Sadly Covid changed most things in Kovalam and they chose to close ABC. A difficult decision, but it also gave them the opportunity to think along other lines. Trivandrum.

So about 1.5 years ago they started looking for a suitable place in Trivandrum. A place that could meet their demands for a good meeting place. A place where people would thrive. A place that had a little extra. And they found it. They called it the White House to begin with, but they wanted to reconnect with Rajesh’s history and the name Velvet Dawn Café and Restaurant was obvious. The beautiful old house in Sastamangalam spoke to their hearts. No simple house, but with a great soul. They had to start from scratch with renovation and building a kitchen. The house had no garden and it was obvious for them to have. So they created one. And fish pond. They wanted an oasis in the city. Peace, quiet and a sense of security. A place that people can rest. Friends, family and business meetings. And it has turned out exactly as they intended.

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