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Café And Restaurant

Café And Restaurant

Welcome to our restaurant and café. Here we will offer you a wide range of healthy food. Like sandwiches, salads and other European-inspired dishes.

In our café menu you can find many different varieties of coffee and tea. In addition, we will be able to offer you a wide range of home-baked pastries and freshly baked cakes in a European tradition.

In the evenings we offer seafood, primarily grilled with many delicious sauces and accessories.

We will also be able to offer today’s dishes

Grilled Chicken

Meet Our Chef

Anand has more than 5 years of experience in culinary fields from 5 star hotels and more than 10 years in hospitality.

He is a passionate cook who has a great interest in developing cooking. Anand´s main scale cooking is within the continental cuisine.

Anand goal is to always serve food of very high quality to satisfy you as a selected guest.

You will not be disappointed by tasting his cooking. 


What would life be without the sweet!

We always have wonderfully freshly baked cakes.

Anders, the baking enthusiast from Sweden is responsible for our unique cake recipes

We only use natural ingredients for our pastries. If you have not tried them before.

Come on!


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